Becky’s guidance is invaluable. Instead of debating and discussing design choices as a couple, we will literally ask “What would Becky do?” and have her make design recommendations that are practical and gorgeous. She does a fantastic job finding furniture and accessories that fit our style yet also take us a touch out of our comfort zone in a good way. She creates spaces that are leagues beyond anything we’d be able to do ourselves. We partnered with Becky to design our master addition. She made the whole process easy to execute and visualize. We now have a gorgeous space we’ll enjoy for years to come. We loved working with Becky so much that she is now helping us with our basement remodel!

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When my husband and I began working with Becky on a design for a master bathroom, we knew very little about the world of home renovations. The idea of walking into a showroom and choosing tiles, lighting fixtures, or paint colors completely overwhelmed us. It was wonderful to be able to share with Becky our design tastes, must-haves (such as a large soaking tub), and budget, and let her creativity run from there. She presented us with design boards and samples within our basic vision and we made final decisions from those, which ended up being a fun and stress-free process. Becky’s management of and communication with our contractors ensured that the project ran smoothly and was completed within an appropriate time frame (very important as I was expecting a baby and needed to be able to move back into my bathroom before the birth!). Our completed bathroom is a stunning, modern, peaceful space–a true haven for this harried mom of two young kids at the end of the day. We are excited to work with Becky again on future home improvement projects!

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We made a million decisions during our home renovation project but the BEST one, by far, was hiring Becky. She took time to understand our taste, suggested creative and classy options we could never have come up with on our own, and was a joy to work with. She listened, never pushed anything, and considered our budget when making suggestions. She was quick to take initiative and coordinate with various subcontractors as needed. She helped design our kitchen, assisted in the selection of fixtures, lighting, tile, paint, furniture, and so much more. The result is a home that looks beautiful but feels like “us.” She has been invaluable throughout this project and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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